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Sanitizing Spray Bottle



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Product Features

- Creates it’s own sanitizing solution

- Sanitize food, kid’s toys, pet toys, and clean surfaces and high traffic areas

- Easy to use

Just add water

The diamond electrolytic cell uses a powerfully small charge and the spray point to create aqueous ozone on demand.

30 second

It just takes 30 seconds for Aqueous Ozone to kill 99.9% of common bacteria and pathogens.

Aqueous Ozone Works

Aqueous ozone kills pathogens effectively and efficiently.

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Product Description

Transform Ordinary Tap Water Into Aqueous Ozone, A Powerful Sanitizer.

Aqueous Ozone can kill up to 99.9% of common bacteria including e-coli, salmonella, pseudomonas, aeruginosa and staphylococcus.*.

Use to Sanitize on all hard-nonporous surfaces. Just fill with tap water and go. Pull the trigger and make aqueous ozone to clean your kitchen, bathroom, stone, glass, stainless steel, floors, produce and more.  Great for cleaning and deodourizing carpeting, sofa fabrics or automobile interiors. Built-in LEDs let you know when the bottle needs to be charged or serviced. 

  • KILLS BACTERIA ON HARD NON-POROUS SURFACES:  Aqueous Ozone is 99.9% effective of common bacteria including e-coli, salmonella, pseudomonas, aeruginosa and staphylococcus.**

  • IDEAL FOR FAMILIES: The aqueous ozone produced by the O3waterworks Sanitizing Spray bottle is convenient and effective at cleaning baby strollers, toys, binkies and more.

  • SAVE YOUR COUNTERTOPS: Most surface cleaners are not suitable for the delicate finish of marble and granite countertops. The O3waterworks Sanitizing Spray bottle will clean your stone counters without etching like many common cleaners.

  • DEODOURIZE: Aqueous Ozone destroys the particles that smell bad AND the organisms that make them. Don’t just hide odors, destroy them with aqueous ozone. 

  • MAKE FOOD LAST LONGER: Nothing spoils a picnic-like rotten food. And nothing spoils food faster than germs and mold. That’s why major organic grocery chains are using Aqueous Ozone to spray on meat and produce. You can make your produce last longer and extend that Fresh Time. Your green cleaner can’t say that. 

  • YOUR PET WAS NEVER HERE: Sanitize and clean up after pet accidents. The O3waterworks spray bottle destroys the odors without a trace and is suitable to use on carpet, pet bedding and bowls. 


Full Satisfaction Guarantee*

Bottle Lasts up to 3 Years or 600 fills. 

*SB100HD Spray Bottle Testing Results Using Modified AOAC 961.02 ProtocolAll testing done at Lapuck Laboratories, Canton, Mass., following the directions for use in the SB100HD manual. All tests were done on non-porous stainless-steel surfaces.

See more about the science here. 

**For maximum efficacy spray down surfaces and let sit for 30 seconds before wiping down. 
****Full Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 days or your money back. See return policy for further details. 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Product replaced or refunded at the discretion of the company after a 30 day return period.